Huguenot Primary School - Culture


We present a wide variety of opportunities and exposure to cultural and art activities. 

  • Individual tuition in piano and recorder by two qualified music teachers.
  • Participation in Orff and Percussion orchestras.
  • Recorder ensemble-work, with accompaniment during assemblies.
  • Annual participation in the eisteddfod: instrumental (solo and orchestra), singing, choir en recital with excellent results.
  • Full-time senior and junior choirs.
  • Annual Prestige Music Concert.
  • Bi-annual school concert with voluntary mass participation
  • Full-time qualified art teacher.
  • Participation in a variety of competitions and projects, usually with excellent results and feedback.
  • Annual participation in the eisteddfod with excellent results.
  • Exhibitions of learner art as well as the works of other artists. 
  • Active encouragement of a reading culture, through participation in the Readathon, the school library being open daily and the regular purchasing of new child and youth literature. 
  • Regular visits to a variety of concerts (with subsidised transport).
  • Regular visits to the school by drama groups, puppet shows, orchestras, environmental groups and speakers on cultural topics. 
  • Cultural visits to key areas in our vicinity are supported in an organised way.