Huguenot Primary School - Academics

  • Acceptable class sizes to ensure optimum tuition.
  • Knowledgeable and well trained staff.
  • Positive motivational system.
  • Annual educational excursions.
  • Groupwork skills are well developed.
  • Didactical assistance for learners with learning problems. 
  • Educational support staff (occupational therapist, reading therapist, speech therapist and remedial therapist) work intensively with learners.
  • Appealing reading material, creates a challenge for better reading skills.
  • Roomy, well-equipped and learner-friendly classrooms.
  • Air-conditioners in all the classrooms.
  • Computer programmes integrated with Learning Areas from grade R – 7.
  • CAMI – Maths programme once a week.
  • Great emphasis is placed on basic numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Additional student support throughout the year.
  • Motoric skills to help learners develop in totality.
  • Air-conditioning in all classes.
  • Separate playground for each group, with own climbing apparatus. 
  • All Learning Areas are taught.
  • Entrepreneurial skills are developed and promoted
  • Annual participation in Maths Olympiads and Cami   competitions with excellent results
  • Participation in Technology competitions.
  • Great emphasis on leadership development.
    • Air-conditioning in all classes.
    • Data projectors and white boards in most classes